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Quantum Psychology

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Quantum psychology describes how the science of quantum physics can be applied to psychotherapy for creating mental, emotional, and neuropsychological shifts. Quantum mindfulness-based psychotherapy sessions have the ability to bring awareness to the individual's innate connection to the core essence of one's self, which could also be called the quantum self. The quantum self is considered infinite, abundant, and limitless. This can be explained through science, particularly through quantum physics. Quantum physics is a branch of science that investigates the phenomenon of energy and matter; it is known to contain valuable information to the fundamental nature and laws of the Universe. Human beings are seen as an extension of Universal or Source energy. Therefore, thoughts and emotions are energetic expressions of human consciousness. In quantum psychology, the imbalance or disruption of this free flow of energy is seen as the fundamental cause of emotional and mental affliction.The emphasis of quantum counseling is on healing and releasing disruptive patterns of thoughts and behaviors.

Transformation begins to take place when one begins to move through one's own afflictions by attuning one's energy to building skills in the present moment that lead to active choices aligned with one's true intentions. As the mind becomes aware of this process it has the choice to free itself from the enslavement of destructive thoughts and emotions. Quantum mindfulness-based psychotherapy sessions provide a heart-centered space for individuals to process challenges and suffering. You will learn how to build healthy skills in the present moment for generating neuropsychological quantum shifts.

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