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Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

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Mindfulness-based psychotherapy

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Spiritual Psychology

Depth Work

Guided Imagery

Emotional Integration

Inner Child Healing

Nervous System Recalibration

Expressive Arts Therapy

Shadow Integration

Emotional-Spiritual Maintenance


Life Transitions



Self Esteem



Women's Issues


Highly Sensitive People

Work and Career Challenges

Relationship Issues

Spiritual Emergencies

I provide holistic and mindfulness-based psychotherapy in which I incorporate energy psychology, psychodynamic theories, humanistic theories, transpersonal psychology, Jungian psychology, and somatic therapies.  These psychotherapeutic modalities are grounded in evidence-based treatment approaches which have been shown to increase mental clarity, improve one’s mood, increase one’s sense of self-acceptance and compassion, and enhance one’s ability to emotionally self-regulate. The therapeutic healing space provides a gateway for clients to tune into their own inner strengths, inner guidance, and resources. 

Neuroplasticity research shows that the brain has the ability to rewire itself. Therefore, mindfulness-based psychotherapy sessions  are designed to bring the mind-body-spirit connection into a place of emotional integration and balance by helping  clients cultivate a greater sense of calm awareness to move beyond destructive patterns and thinking.  Negative emotional experiences can become stored in the body, generating a cellular imprint and an inability to move beyond the negative programming and experiences. Holistic and mindfulness based cognitive therapies are gateways to emotional integration and self-regulation. Destructive automatic patterns and habits can be replaced with new and improved mind training skills. Neural pathways in the brain are reintegrated as we work together to realign the neural networks by attending to the way one’s experience is processed.


 As a psychotherapist, I hold a compassionate space for you to process your experiences. Together we can explore your challenges and struggles that prevent you from living a life of greater well-being. We will implement a treatment plan designed specifically for your unique situation. We may implement guided meditations and visualizations, breath-work, expressive arts therapy, bioenergetics, inner child healing, and contemplative self-inquiry discovery sessions.   Our therapeutic sessions can begin to restore emotional balance, wellness, and realign your nervous system and neural networks. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is a modality that was specifically designed to help individuals break free of destructive programming and conditioning. 


Rock Maze


Coaching sessions are designed to empower you to make sustainable lifestyle changes while holding a compassionate soul-centered space for your transformation. Clients emerge with new insights, empowerment, and resources to take responsibility in a way that supports lasting lifestyle changes. 

Together we will address limiting beliefs and programming that gets in the way of you making heart-centered shifts. We will examine your current situation by addressing your strengths, challenges, and resources. Additionally,  we will examine both your external and internal environment for releasing deeply held subconscious beliefs. Our coaching sessions may be blended with chakra balancing, sound healing, and other healing remedies. Coaching can empower you to co-create your life in alignment with the Divine.  

I offer a 20-30 complimentary consultation for us to meet and explore your transformational goals. Contact me today to start your complimentary self-discovery session.

Services: Services
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