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Emotional Integration

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

So many people run from emotions or react in unhealthy ways because it is not common knowledge to know how to process emotionally charged experienced. Societal conditioning has not taught healthy ways to respond to the emotional body. Negative emotional experiences are often stored in the body, generating cellular imprints and habitual patterns. The consequence of continued emotional dysfunction and automatic negative reactions is that negative emotional experiences illicit negative reactions and coping mechanisms. Over time, one starts to lose touch with one’s authentic self, and instead one generates defense mechanisms that may become problematic. These defense mechanisms serve a purpose of protecting oneself, but sometimes they can inhibit one’s ability to process the charged experience. Examples of defense mechanisms include: blaming others while not looking at one’s own part and taking responsibility for one’s own actions, numbing or blocking out negative emotions by justification and blaming others, or internalizing negative emotions and feelings of worthlessness.

The inability to process emotions can manifest into problem areas in one’s life, such as substance abuse, over-eating, addictions, seeking comfort in unhealthy behaviors, and the list goes on. While these defense mechanisms may serve a purpose of protecting the self from further harm, blocking oneself from experiencing one’s emotions also inhibits one’s emotional well-being and developmental growth. The consequences of prolonged unhealthy emotional integration are costly to one’s physical and mental health. Therefore, the combination of quantum, transpersonal, and mindfulness-based psychotherapy offers a method to process emotions, release stuck emotions, trauma, and negative imprints in a compassionate space. Through this process, you can take the steps and become empowered to restore emotional balance and healing to your life. The healing begins to occur when one releases suffering stored in the body-mind-heart and learns how to synchronize with the body’s innate wisdom.

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